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  • Please note that you must be 18 years of age to purchase Fireworks.
  • Delivery is only available to mainland UK addresses.
  • Special Carriers are used to deliver fireworks and therefore a fixed delivery charge of £20 will be added to all orders under 1000.
  • To keep delivery charges to minimum orders will normally be dispatched on a weekly basis.
  • We will endeavor to supply all packs exactly as listed. However, should certain items be unavailable, substitutions will be made to the same or greater value.


  Prices include vat

Raise funds at your fireworks show. Literopes and sparklers sell well at a good profit margin. They can be a useful extra source of revenue at your event.

SPECIAL OFFER! Spend over £500 on fireworks and benefit from a reduced price of £18 per tube of 50. A price adjustment will automatically be applied to your order when processed.

LITEROPES £20.00  

special offer Previously £25
Tube of 50 tricoloured
A safe alternative to traditional sparklers. Long-lasting 22" tri-coloured glow necklaces available in tubes of 50, at an unbeatable price!

Sell them at £1.50 each and make a profit in excess of 55.00 per tube!!

10 packs of (5) 18" Mega Golden Sparklers (total 50 sparklers) £15.00  
special offerBulk purchase
100 packs of (5) Mega Golden Sparklers
(total 500 sparklers)
Recommended selling price 1.50 per pack (total sales value 150)