• Please note that you must be 18 years of age to purchase Fireworks.
  • Delivery is only available to mainland UK addresses.
  • Special Carriers are used to deliver fireworks and therefore a fixed delivery charge of £20 will be added to all orders under 1000.
  • To keep delivery charges to minimum orders will normally be dispatched on a weekly basis.
  • We will endeavor to supply all packs exactly as listed. However, should certain items be unavailable, substitutions will be made to the same or greater value.


A range of specially designed finale items to bring your show to a spectacular climax.

fanfare single ignition barrage

FANFARE £99.00  

 Row after row fan skyward with stunning shots of crackling flower tails to red stars with crackling, crackling flower tails to green bouquet, colour mines to colour peony, green tails to silver spinners and champagne crackle with a finale of whistling crackle tails to crackling white bouquets, fast paced for 30 seconds.

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coliseum single ignition barrage

COLISEUM £110.00  

NEW This visually stunning finale barrage sends massive brocade pine tails in a spectacular arch from left to right across the sky before bursting into huge brocade crown breaks erupting above. Jaw dropping effects for 30 seconds

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the barbarian single ignition barrage


NEW This massive 120 shot exhibition firework launches breathtaking sequences of multi colour mines to brocade crown, blue tails to brocade, silver blink willow to green strobe, titanium gold blink willow with multi colour mine with crackle flower mine to crackle flowers. Duration approximately 2 minutes.

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legend single ignition barrage

LEGEND £150.00  

NEW  This immense compound firework consists of three linked 45 shot barrages that fire simultaneously. Creates a show stopping display of red dahlia with silver glitter, brocade crown with glitter and blue with gold glitter all in 30 seconds - making your firework display ‘LEGENDARY’!

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terminator single ignition barrages

TERMINATOR 4 Pack £140.00  

special offer SAVE £50 ! ! !
This combination pack of two angled and two straight firing barrages provides a stunning show.
Cake A fires gold brocade with blue stars to silver spinner comets from left to right.
Cake B fires straight up with a mix of gold willow cascade and white, green and red strobe stars.
Cake C fires straight up - stunning crackling tails to silver strobe and dragon eggs with a brocade finale.
Cake D fires from left to right silver spinner tails to silver strobe, brocade to green stars and blue.
Total duration approximately 2 minutes.

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retribution single ignition barrage


 Our largest firework ever is a 200 shot compound ‘cake’, offering a varied firing patterns and massive professional quality breaks, with a variety of effects including blue/red stars with blink, blue tail to blue star to brocade crown, green tail to green star brocade, silver whistling, colour tails to gold blink, colour coconut to chrysanthemum breaks and silver whistling. Immense, loud and full on! 80 seconds duration.

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